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Feb. 5th, 2011

how to eat




Me and Shirley are taking Kitty’s car at around 12 at Burwood.
Bernie and Lucy, get to Milson’s point at 2 PM. Becky finishes work and will drive you guys.

Everyone, except the Twins, the total transferred to Shirley should be approximately $180 dollars.
This includes $118 approx dollars initially, and $12ish dollars to make up for Hannah & Hillary since they are paying less AND
$50 dollars for the food.

For the Twins , can you guys transfer to Shirley around extra $22 dollars each for the food?

So that makes
$50 * 6 = $300

$22 * 2= $44

TOTAL = $344

On the day Shirley will have taken out $344 dollars out of her bank. We will put this money into some kind of till, and the money will be used only for things as a group, which is mainly, buying the food.
For the cooking of the three meals each day, we have allocated two people to cook for each meal- and this includes cleaning up everything, and buying the food- Hopefully this is okay 

 Brekkie  Shirley & Yue
pancake, juice
hash brown
 Becky & kitty Bernie & Lucy
 Lunch  Bernie & Lucy Yue & Shirley
Avocado + Salmon
Bagel- Sausages
& Cheese
Chicken Salad
 Dinner Becky & Kitty GOING OUT 
 Hannah & Hillary 


• On Friday night after dinner we are going to go clubbing /bar so everybody dress up =)
• Beaching (there’s pelican feeding 3.30pm daily)
• WII + Poker
• Talking and getting drunk
• Arts and Crafts Market on Sunday at Marine Parade

Part of our food money buying
• Soco
• Tequila
• Midori
• Lemonade
• Vodka
• Lemon/lime bitter concentrate
• Orange juice

Apart from the usual things you should all bring, don’t forget..

• Drivers license
• Contacts :D
• Night time Dress + heels etc
• Poker set
• Umbrella
• Sheets/Pillow/Pillow case
• Swimmers/towel
• Cork-tampon
• Cards
• WII (kitty)
• A dick

Jan. 25th, 2008

how to eat


Alice In Wonderland

A bunch of icons from Alice In Wonderland!
Enjoy! the screencaps are from here



Jan. 23rd, 2008

how to eat


Cinderella III

A batch of icons from Cinderella III

* Rules always apply
* Comment !
* Enjoy =)



Jan. 22nd, 2008

how to eat


ratatouille and enchanted

Some Ratatouille and Enchanted Icons
Enjoy !


happy little chipmunkCollapse )

Jan. 21st, 2008

how to eat


Welcome to Disney Dip!

Welcome to Disney Dip!
This community will be full of Disney Icons, most, if not all, will be animated.
Anyway, let's start of with a few The Little Mermaid ones <3 my favourite Disney princess movie
Hover for numbers

The Rules are simple:
1. Credit is required
This can be done by typing "<lj user=Disneydip>" under the comments section of your userpics section
2. No direct Linking
3. Comments are most welcomed--> if i have time I will take requests


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